Hello 2019'

It is good to start afresh and as we today celebrate the beginning of the New Year, we look with hope to the months ahead. Like with a new friendship or venture we are optimistic and confident and we want to get it right from the start. We may think of things we want to achieve and where we want to be. We may look for change of circumstances, opportunities or luck or we may decide on the course of action that will take us to the next level.

I think, most of us like the idea of sitting back and waiting for what's perfect to arrive. I personally enjoy the moments of stillness when I don't have to push anything and I just trust in things to happen. Though possibly the best is the attitude of low or no expectations as this way I never get disappointed, and anything good will be always a bonus.

Regardless of what our expectations are though, if we are passive for too long and we rely on others to bring the change to us, we may be waiting for 'Godot' that never arrives. We may be in the end left dissatisfied if not also often disillusioned.

'What is meant for us, won't go by us', surely. Yet there might be dreams, ambitions and aspirations, laying deep within us, that can come to fruition only when we act.

Where do we want to be? What must we do? What decisions must we make? These are just some of the challenging questions that we ask each year with the most challenging of all 'what must we do to be more effective in 2019?' How can we ensure that our New Years' resolutions are not forgotten 6 weeks later?

It all starts with the dream. Having dreams is great as this in itself gives us power.

I may dream big. I may dream to be a director of a multi billion dollar company with divisions all aver the world. I may run around full of energy to act, but if i do not set up a plan and goals to implement my ideas, my dream will be short living. Though some of my dreams may be outright unrealistic, so I must be aware of my shortcomings and avoid keeping my head in the clouds at all costs.

Goals and rules are good as they require our effort, thus they pull us together mold our behaviour. When we were young, developmental goals were set up for us. As adults we are asked to adhere to the rules in our society and we set up goals and rules for ourselves and others. Thus we define boundaries, roles and behaviours that fall within particular expectations wherever we are .

Are there any Rules for Goals to in order for them to be effective? I now see that I must write them down not only on a piece of of paper, but also in my heart, I must think of them all the time, they must become a part of my life. I must also set a clear date of their completion which will help me pace myself up. My goals must truly reflect me and be fun. Personal goals will highlight my weakness so I should enjoy setting them up.

Setting up goals is however not enough on its own. We also need clear objectives, plans and strategies broken down to smaller weekly or daily goals and actions, for the program to work. We need resilient minds, easily adaptable yet constantly focused.
To keep us on track, we need daily affirmations from a like minded friend or a support group that positively stated will build us up in the work we do.

Life will throw us off the course a few times, and we may need support and cooperation of others to go forward. We may come out as completely different people than intended.

Rules and goals put upon us at work or by social circles, maybe a different game altogether as we don't always identify with them. Following those may change us personally for better or to our detriment. We may accept them to comply. So we get slowly sucked in, so slowly that it's hard to notice the transformation. But once we take the challenge...Remember 'What doesn't brake us makes us stronger'

Just wonder What Will We Become in 2019'..

'What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals' - Zig Zaglar

In 2019' - What Will We Become? - Your Tax Assistant

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In 2019′ What Will We Become?
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