How Business Leaders learn and make the most of their time is no longer a secret. There are many publications available to confirm that an entrepreneur surely knows how to value the time he has. And those who truly want to go forward and make the difference to this world, they surely do treat time like an expensive commodity.

How and when we discover more about the world we live and are interested in is closely related to how we organise our day.
Our cognitive capacity and hours are limited so how we spend our time, is incredibly important.
We all juggle in between the time we give to our business, time we spend with our families and friends, time we allocate to relaxation, leisure, news self-development etc. It seems like a constant struggle but it need not to be. All we have to do is to learn how to open up to this world’s boundless learning and adopt new ways.
Good way to start is to fully realize that time is slipping away. With the passing of every opportunity to learn and be productive for this and future generations, it is important to act now, as it is the time now to embrace the idea of learning in all the circumstances. So, why not tailor the technology and the sources available to our own needs and make the most of times when otherwise there would be…. nothing?

Work delegated and well managed tasks can leave us with more time for embracing new ways of learning.
Reading papers or books, is no longer enough to keep us sharp and intellectually stimulated no matter if we read anytime and anywhere, though it would not be practical in all the circumstances.
We can learn how to do things differently now. Business leaders and all who are driven by  insatiable curiosity to expand their knowledge have embraced technology long ago. We too can  absorb new information in  better ways now. One of them widely popular   is audio.   Audio has been used rather selectively in the past, mainly by radio to bring in the news and  entertainment,  now however become hugely popular due to developments in technology and popularity of the smart phone. While demands for Podcasts, audio books, apps are great and are constantly growing we all enjoy the  simplicity of downloading them  to the smart phone and listening  to through the headphones any time, any place. Messages on any subject  can be played back and listened to several times which diminishes the chance of misunderstanding and also help develop listening and retention skills.

Digital growth has opened boundless ways of learning and entertainment that have come to use to business leaders with limited time. Many embraced the changes using openly technology to communicate through social media (most notably President Trump on twitter - "It is time for change") inadvertently promoting the change and still shocking many.  This initiative has to be now more widely spread as there is a lot on offer.  No doubt your  hard work and curiosity in this world have led you to your current success. however  no matter where  on  scale of your personal and professional development you are,  the world of affairs, business, psychology, culture or entertainment is now more than ever open to you.

The digital revolution can be compared to one scene in Alice and Wonderland, where the Queen is running incredibly fast, simply to stand still – that’s what it is like nowadays – simply if you pause for too long, everyone else will whizz past you.


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